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Sanest choice in this insane world...

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Created on 2012-03-24 21:11:17 (#1583831), last updated 2017-01-06 (40 weeks ago)

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Name:ルーシー [ 楓 ] にゅう

I play Lucy from the Elfen Lied manga, but most of my icons are from the anime since not only is Lucy's appearance in the anime virtually the same as in the manga, but anime icons are easier to get in decent quality. And...well, the manga's art style is really ridiculous looking up until halfway through, making it hard to find icon material that isn't QUALITY grade.

All icons used by this account were made by me unless otherwise marked, with respect given to the original artists in the case of fanart. Please ask and credit if you want to use them. If your fanart was used to make an icon and you want it removed, notify me and I will remove it immediately.

Elfen Lied's story, in both its manga and anime formats, contains material that is considered objectionable by most audiences.
This material includes but is not limited to: extreme violence, blood, gore, mutilation, body horror, child abuse, torture, child neglect/abandonment, murder, infanticide, genocide, misogyny, eugenics, and incest between cousins. While the last one is far from the worst thing that happens, it's still worth noting. Please exercise caution when reading Lucy's general info!

Both mun and muse are 18+
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